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New York’s New Budget Includes Criminal Justice Reform

At the end of last month, Governor Cuomo announced the passing of a $175 million budget for the 2020 financial year. Of the provisions of the budget are three major criminal justice reforms for the state. The reforms include, eliminating bail in certain cases, offering more protections to criminal defendants before trial, and expanded efforts…
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New York Will Soon Allow Convicted Criminal to Seal Records

New York Will Soon Allow Convicted Criminal to Seal Records When someone has been arrested or convicted, the public is generally able to access information related to that person’s run-ins with the law. The stigma that is attached to those who have been arrested or criminally convicted can have negative effects on their daily lives. …
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Raise the Age Bill in New York Effective October 2019

Raising the Age Bill in NY The State of New York will no longer prosecute 16 and 17-year old as adults after October 2019. According to the American Bar Association (ABA), New York was one of only two states that set the age of criminal responsibility at 16-years old. Now, unless the offense is very…
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