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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence allegations are extremely common across Long Island, including Nassau County and Suffolk County. These allegations arise from real or fabricated threats of violence or physical abuse. Domestic violence accusations occur across the entire social and economic spectrum. Because it is one of the most frequently occurring criminal charges in Long Island, each county has courtrooms exclusively dedicated to handling these types of cases.

Our office understands the procedures unique to each of these courtrooms. While we would never minimize the seriousness of this problem or its consequences, it is clear that accusations alone do not mean someone is guilty and should be punished. False and exaggerated charges occur all too frequently.

Nassau County Domestic Violence Lawyer

If you stand accused of an act of domestic violence or of violating an order of protection, contact us now to discuss your legal options and defense. Our offices are conveniently located in Garden City, NY. Call (516) 972-1212 to schedule a free, confidential consultation to discuss your best defense either over the phone or in the office.

Stephanie Selloni is proud to represent those accused of family violence throughout Long Island,  Nassau County, Suffolk County and anywhere in the five boroughs of New York City.

Resources for Domestic Violence Charges

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False Allegations of Domestic Violence

Although legitimate cases of domestic violence do occur, there are a multitude of circumstances that may lead to an unjust arrest and prosecution for domestic violence. False accusations can occur for any number of reasons, including:

  • the desire have a person immediately removed from the home;
  • the desire to gain an unfair advantage in an upcoming or anticipated divorce or child custody case;
  • the desire to gain some financial reward after the arrest; or
  • the quest for revenge.

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When the Alleged Victim Wants to Terminate the Prosecution

In many cases, the alleged victim does not want the case prosecuted. A fight between a husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend or other domestic partners can occur because of a simple misunderstanding or because one or both parties consumed alcohol or drugs. In many cases, one party was acting in self-defense or to protect his or her property.

In Nassau County, the District Attorney’s Office can and will often proceed with the prosecution of the case, even in those cases in which the alleged victim expresses a desire to terminate the prosecution.

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Disproving Unjust Charges in Domestic Violence Cases

You need an experienced, diligent attorney to protect your rights. The police, the District Attorney’s Office and the courts tend toward bias against those accused of domestic violence.  No one in the courts wants to be responsible for a highly publicized tragedy, so “erring on the side of caution” is frequent. An order of protection is much easier to get than it is to challenge, and the consequences for violations of the order are severe.

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What Happens at Arraignment in a Domestic Violence Case?

After an arrest, the person arrested for domestic violence charges will often remain in custody until First Appearance. At the First Appearance, the judge can either set bail or in very serious cases, hold the person accused without bail. In other cases, the judge will release the person without requiring bail with a requirement that the person appears in court at a later date. In most cases, the person arrested is arraigned within 24 hours of the arrest. 

At the arraignment, the Assistant District Attorney in Nassau County may ask the judge to issue an Order of Protection. An Order of Protection is a court order that instructs the person accused of domestic violence to refrain from certain conduct, including stalking, harassing, intimidating, threatening, or assaulting the alleged victim. In certain cases, the order of protection may prevent the person accused from having any contact whatsoever with the alleged victim in the case. If the person is accused of violating the order of protection, the defendant can be rearrested. 

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Domestic Violence Resources

Nassau County Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Inc. – the NCCADV helps the complainants in domestic violence and sexual assault cases while advocating for changing social systems that perpetuate abuse. 

Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of Nassau – Integrated Domestic Violence Court – The Integrated Domestic Violence Court (I.D.V.) of the Supreme Court of the State of new York has been created to hear and determine cases in which Criminal Court charges of domestic violence among family members are pending and there is simultaneously pending a civil case or cases in the Supreme and/or Family Court involving the same person. See 22 NYCRR 141.1 et seq.).

One of the reasons for the creation of I.D.V. was to increase the efficiency of the resolution of these cases that include allegations of domestic conflict. The goal is to adjudicate cases as efficiently and quickly as possible. For criminal cases, on the initial court date, a bench conference will be conducted to determine whether the case can be resolved with a plea. If not, then the court will require the exchange of discovery, establish a motion schedule and set the case on a calendar for hearing and trial. 

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An Aggressive Approach to Your Defense in Nassau County

Too many people accused of domestic violence underestimate the serious, long-term impact such charges can have on their lives. Passively trusting the outcome over to our justice system or entrusting your defense to an inexperienced lawyer can lead to a criminal record, serious punishments including jail time, and devastating consequences for your family. 

At the Law Office of Stephanie Selloni, you will work with a lawyer prepared to challenge this powerful system. We will listen to you, investigate the case thoroughly, and work to clear you of the charges or minimize the severity and duration of consequences in your case.

Law Office of Stephanie Selloni we represent clients facing charges in Garden City, Hempstead, Floral Park, Glen Cove, and the surrounding areas of Nassau County. Call us at (516) 972-1212 to discuss the particular facts and circumstances of your case.