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Attorney for Violent Crimes in Nassau County, NY

If you have been accused of any crime involving an allegation of violence then contact an experienced Garden City violent crimes defense attorney at the Law Office of Stephanie Selloni. We represent clients on a variety of misdemeanor and felony charges for crimes against another person.

We are located in Nassau County and we focus our practice exclusively on criminal offenses in and around Long Island, including the areas of Garden City, Glen Cove, Hempstead, Westbury, Floral Park, Mineola, and other areas in Suffolk County. 

Never talk to a law enforcement officer about the accusation until after you have spoken to a criminal defense attorney. We provide free consultations to discuss your case. We fight for our clients accused of a violent crime at each stage of the case. Call (516) 972-1212 today to speak to an attorney about the facts of your case.

Information on Violent Crimes in New York

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Types of Crimes Involving Violence

Crimes of violence are usually defined to include an allegation of the actual use of force or a threat of violence. In the State of New York, the most common violence crimes include assault and aggravated assault cases. Different types of violent crimes commonly prosecuted in the State of New York include: 

  • Misdemeanor Assault;
  • Felony Assault;
  • Aggravated Assault;
  • Assault on a Police Officer;
  • Menacing a Police Officer;
  • Robbery;
  • Unlawful Imprisonment;
  • Kidnapping; and
  • Reckless Endangerment. 

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Domestic Violence Charges in Long Island

When the allegation of violence includes a loved one or family member the crime is usually charged as “domestic violence” which triggers certain protections for the complaining witness. In many cases, the person complaining about an act of violence is a loved one or family member. New York law provides for certain protections when it is alleged that the violence occurred between people who are domestically related such as:

  • A boyfriend and girlfriend; 
  • The mother and father of a child (even if they never married or lived together);
  • A husband and wife; or
  • Domestic partners in a gay or lesbian relationship.

Additionally, domestic violence charges can involve family members related by blood or marriage and living in the same house as a family. In domestic violence cases, after the arrest the defendant will usually stay in jail until after going before the judge.

The judge will often impose a “no contact” provision (often called an “order of protection”) that can prevent the person accused of the crime from contacting the complaining witness (often called the “alleged victim”). Serious collateral or indirect consequences attach after a conviction for any domestic violence charge including a lifetime prohibition on possessing a firearm.  

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Assault Charges in the State of New York

New York law provides for at least 32 different ways that the crime of assault can be alleged from simple misdemeanor assault in the third degree to more serious charges. The most serious assault charge is felony assault with a deadly weapon causing serious physical injury in the first degree. The basic elements of an assault charge often include an intent to cause physical injury. Alternatively, assault can be alleged with reckless conduct or criminal negligence under very limited circumstances. When the assault is committed against a family member or domestic partner, the crime can be charged as domestic assault“.”

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Violent Crime Resources 

Violent Crime Report and Statistics – The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program provides crime statistics and reports both on a local, statewide and national level. For purposes of its reports, the FBI classifies violent crimes as offenses that involve actual force or the threat of force. It classifies violent crimes against a person into one of four different offenses including aggravated assault, robbery, forcible rape, and murder / non-negligent manslaughter. 

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Attorney for Violent Crime Charges in Nassau County, Long Island

If you were charged with a crime of violence in Long Island, including any charge of assault or domestic violence against a loved one or family member, then contact a Nassau County violent crimes defense attorney at the Law Office of Stephanie Selloni.

Stephanie Selloni represents clients on a variety of violent crime charges throughout Long Island, including the areas of Glen Cove, Long Beach, Garden City, Floral Park, Mineola, and the surrounding areas in Nassau County and Suffolk County. If you are facing violent crime charges, contact Law Office of Stephanie Selloni at (516) 972-1212 to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.