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June 14, 2019

She is a good attorney, I have used her on several criminal cases and have had good results. She is not scared to speak up against prosecutors or judges. I have recommended several clients to her and they all had good outcomes and were very pleased with her services. Her fees are very reasonable. And she calls her clients back not like other attorneys that don’t respond back.

June 14, 2019

At a time when my wife and I were at wits end with my son, who had gotten into trouble Stephanie took our case. She was understanding and worked to get his case reduced and dismissed. She realized he had made only this one mistake and was not a bad child. She kept us informed of every step. I consider her to be top notched and the best attorney anyone could hire. I recommend her to anyone needed her services.

June 14, 2019

I was facing 15 years in jail, and only ended up spending 8 hours Thanks to Stephanie Selloni. She has reasonable rates, and very professional. I would definitely recommend her to others.

June 14, 2019

My name is Annika and a few years ago Ms. Selloni represented me.

She was on top of everything, I didn’t have to call her to fine out what’s going on with my case.

If I had any question in mind she would some how call me first like she was reading my mind.

Ms. Selloni is very responsible and she takes care of you like you were a family member,

I would recommend her to anyone and everyone that needed help.

May 9, 2019

Stephanie was amazing!!! She was so caring and thoughtful beyond words! She made the uncomfortable process of court seem so much less frightening! I highly recommend her, (hopefully I won’t have to use her services again) but if I had to I would 100%

Jamie S
October 13, 2018

I one hundred percent recommend Stephanie Selloni to you, if you are facing any criminal charges. She knows the law inside and out, she knows the right people, and advises properly without passing judgement on you as a client. She’s a firm believer in innocent until proven guilty, and will fight for you until the last second. She’s straight forward with you from the get go, and dictates to you as her client exactly what is going to happen throughout this justice system process. You’ll be very happy you paid for her services because I know I was! She made it all a lot less stressful than it originally was. Stephanie, I can’t thank you enough for all of your help!

C. A.
July 26, 2018

I would like to write about my experience with Stephanie Selloni. When my son needed legal help I called 5 different lawyers for assistance and guidance. I was immediately disappointed upon first contact with each of them. Some gave me the impression I was just another client in line waiting to be processed, other lawyers which were listed on advertisements and did in fact run the firms were not going to handle my case personally, it was to be given to another (unknown) lawyer in the firm. Upon more research and looking up reviews I came across Ms. Selloni. I called her (she personally spoke with me) and after discussing my situation regarding my son I realized she was the right lawyer for me. She was kind, knowledgeable and took the time to make me feel comfortable and confident with her. Leading up to the court date my wife, son and I would have questions. I would send Ms. Selloni a text and she would reply right away. Ms. Selloni explained the process as well as possible outcomes. She represented my son in a professional manner, the judge came back with a favorable judgment and we were very happy with the outcome. Ms. Selloni’s knowledge, professionalism and kindness made the whole experience comfortable for my family. I would 100% recommend her to anyone needing a lawyer.

July 23, 2018

We had the pleasure or misfortune, it depends on your perspective, of working with Stephanie on a shoplifting case our daughter was involved in. As you can imagine, anxiety on our part and our daughter was running high and we were unsure what needed to be done or what the outcome might be. Stephanie immediately calmed us down and in a very professional yet empathetic fashion explained to us and our daughter that we could expect, how she should act and what the potential outcome of the case could be. She then handled everything at court ensuring we were fully informed and aware of our options every step of the way and she guided us and the case to the best possible conclusion for our daughter. We would highly recommend her to any prospective clients.

July 23, 2018

Unfortunately, my son was charged in Long Island, NY for 2 infractions. After a thorough search on the Internet & speaking with several attorneys, Stephanie Selloni made me feel most comfortable I was choosing the “right” attorney. Her rates are very competitive and in-line with her peers. Throughout the process she kept me informed on every step being taken. She was always available to discuss & explain to me clearly any questions. Her positive, optimistic & professionalism approach helped my son and I get through this experience. The matter was handled quickly, professionally & most importantly the outcome was what she stated it would be. One of the charges was dropped, and the other was downgraded.

As I stated, she made the whole process much easier for my son and myself. Her professionalism, along with her desire to help and care, make her different and a highly recommended lawyer. I feel very comfortable to refer her to anyone in need of assistance.

July 23, 2018

Stephanie Selloni is the best attorney I ever had, she is very credible, knowledgeable, accurate & very respectful she always returned my phone calls. I recommend her she helped me win my case when the Nassau County PD violated my rights.

July 23, 2018

I want to start by saying how lucky I feel to have come across Stephanie Selloni Esq. I was recently charged with a DWI and was scared to death because of the severity of my charges. After speaking with countless attorneys I realized Ms. Selloni was the right attorney for me. She was extremely knowledgeable of my situation and already knew what steps she would have to take to plead my case. The amount of compassion shown by Ms. Selloni to my situation was really impressive. She conveyed to me she would be by my side every step of the way and she kept her word. My case went one for well over a year and she wouldn’t settle for anything less than getting me the results she knew would be in my best interests. In addition, the advice Ms. Selloni gave me along the way was nothing short and spot on for what I needed to do to know and do to make the judge rule in our favor and attain the outcome we were looking for. Ms. Selloni’s rates are very competitive and in-line with her peers. Since my case ended I have referred several clients and they all feel the same way that I do. All of their cases resulted in favorable dismissals or charges were reduced substantially. I highly recommend the services of Stephanie Selloni if you are serious about working with a winning attorney.

July 23, 2018

After a thorough search on the internet for a criminal attorney that could help with my daughter’s case, I came across Stephanie Selloni’s name. Which already have a significant amount of positive reviews from other clients and was highly rated from all other criminal attorneys in my area. After leaving her a short voicemail, she responded immediately and was ready willing and able to help my case. The positive and optimistic approach and at the same time, the professionalism and knowledge she performed with made me feel comfortable to hire her to defend my daughter’s case. She handled the matter quickly and professionally. Her long time experience in criminal cases was reflected in amazing and fast results. And was done out of genuine concern for the final outcome. The level of communication was excellent. And my daughter’s case was resolved even before we had the chance to speak or talk about the retainer fee, which was very reasonable. Stephanie followed up the case and helped us even a few weeks after the case was settled and resolved. Her professionalism, along with her desire to help and care, make her a different and recommended lawyer. I feel very comfortable to refer her to any one of my friends in case they will ever need help in this field. Highly recommended.


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She was fantastic, helpful and did her very best. She got me one of the best results possible. I would recommend her to anyone. She always answered questions and was patient with me. If you need help she is the one you need.
Terry Thomas Google

Stephanie was so very helpful through my recent case. She patiently listened to me and gave great advice. My case was excused due to the great work of Stephanie. I very highly recommend Stephanie if you may find yourself in need of a top-notch attorney.
Joshua Kerben Google

Stephanie was absolutely amazing! From the time I called for legal advice to the time the case was dismissed she has been a huge help. She made my daughter feel important even though she had made a big mistake. Her kind and encouraging words as well as her skills make for an awesome representation. Thank you sooooo very much.
Asia Roberts Google

Any experience with the police can be stressful and even devastating. Ms. Selloni provided excellence counseling and guidance that was insightful and helpful. She examined all aspects of my case and gave me more information in our initial meeting than any other lawyer that I had contacted. Her personal responses and care of each case is unusual in the modern lawyers' market but is just what is needed for a client such as myself. Thank you Ms. Selloni for your hands-on care.
George R. Addison Google

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