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Possession of THC Concentrates

New York Penal Law § 220 defines marijuana concentrates as a controlled substance and a Schedule 1 drug. This is because concentrated cannabis is defined under § 220 as the separated resin of the marijuana plant. Unfortunately, New York does not apply its Marihuana decriminalization law to concentrated cannabis.

Less than an ounce of cannabis concentrate may lead to a felony charge. Any person arrested or charged for possession of THC concentrates may face possible incarceration and lofty fines. If you or someone you know has been charged with possession of THC concentrates, it is vital you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Attorney for THC Concentrates in Nassau County, NY

Marijuana criminal charges in the Long Island area are relatively minor. However, the penalties are very different if you are in possession of THC concentrates. Concentrated cannabis is handled differently in New York criminal courts, and can land a person with a clean record with a prison sentence.

Law Office of Stephanie Selloni has been practicing criminal law cases involving THC concentrates for years. Attorney Stephanie Selloni has resided in the Nassau County and Suffolk County area for 25 years. She understands New York controlled substance laws and aggressively combats for her client’s rights. Stephanie Selloni is an esteemed attorney, and has been noticed for her legal career by admittance into the New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and Nassau County Criminal Courts Law and Procedure Committee.

Attorney Stephanie Selloni defends clients arrested for THC concentrates and other related cannabis crimes including Hemsptead in Nassau County, and Riverhead in Suffolk County.

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Overview for THC Concentrates Possession in New York

Common Examples of THC Concentrates

Marijuana extracts are different from their plant counterparts due to the many forms it can take. Below are some of the most common forms of THC concentrates:

  • Wax – Usually handled with dabbing paraphernalia, wax is the stickiest form of THC concentrates, commonly referred to as an “dab”;
  • Budder -This concentration has a consistency between wax and crumble, budder is a kind of hash oil that sometimes has 70% or more THC;
  • Sugar – If CBD is concentrated in a certain way, it can be made into sugar. This sugar can be used in baking to create THC concentrate edibles;
  • CBD Syringe – Often cannabidiol can be stored in a flavor injecting syringe. Normally this type of form of cannabis concentrate is eaten;
  • Nug Run – Often cannabidiol can be stored in a flavor injecting syringe. Normally this type of form of cannabis concentrate is eaten;
  • Ice and Water – A kind of marijuana concentrate that made using ice and water to agitate the trichome heads off of the plant.
  • Crumble – This form has the driest consistency of all the concentrates, it is usually broken into very small portions;
  • Shatter – One of the purest forms of cannabis concentrate, shatter has a glass-like appearance that can be broken into pieces if dropped on a tough surface;
  • Oil – A concentrated form of THC that is extracted with C02, butane, or ethanol;
  • CBD Lotion – Cannabis concentrate can be processed into a lotion. Application of this lotion will result in a light psychedelic effect;
  • Trim Run – A THC concentrate made from a “trim run” is composed of the trimmings of the marijuana plant. This is so no part of the plant goes to waste;
  • Pull and Snap – A type of marijuana extraction that is more of a taffy texture. Typically it is used for outdoor events;
  • Honeycomb – Using a light hydrocarbon extraction, sometimes honeycomb can be created from THC concentrates; and
  • Dry Sift – This type of cannabis concentration is made using different sized silk screens with varying microns to separate trichome heads from the rest of the bud.

Penalties for Concentrated Cannabis in New York

The penalties for possession of a concentrated form of marijuana are dependent on the amount seized. Below are the penalties for hash and concentrates in the Long Island area.










Less than 1/4 oz




One year




1/4 – Less than 1 oz




Seven years




Possession of 1 oz or more




15 years




Distribution of THC Concentrates




15 years




Statute of Limitations for THC Concentrates in New York

A statute of limitations is a legal term for a deadline. Prosecutors have a certain amount of time to file formal charges against a defendant to pursue legal penalties. New York defines statute of limitations by level of offense.

For THC possession if a person is in control of less than 1/4 of an ounce, it is considered a misdemeanor. All misdemeanors under New York law have a statute of limitations of two years. If a person owns more than 1/4 of an ounce or distributes THC concentrates, he or she should expect to face felony charges. Felonies have a statute of limitations of five years in New York, unless murder or other heinous crimes are committed in conjunction.

Additional Resources

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New York Controlled Substances Act – Read more on how possession, distribution, and manufacturing controlled substances are handled criminally in New York. See the legal definitions for the statutes, which controlled substances are under which Drug Schedule, and the penalties imposed for marijuana concentrates.

Lawyer for THC Concentrates in Suffolk County, NY

Have you or someone you know been arrested for possession of THC concentrates in the villages and hamlets of the greater Long Island area? It is important that you keep quiet with law enforcement and that you act now. Contact a practiced criminal defense attorney with Law Office of Stephanie Selloni.

Law Office of Stephanie Selloni is experienced in handling possessing THC concentrates and other controlled substance-related charges throughout the Garden City area. Attorney Stephanie Selloni is compassionate with her clients and skillful in the courtroom. She has had a superior law career and been admitted into several esteemed law associations such as the Nassau County Bar Association and the Nassau County Criminal Courts Bar Association. Do not be idle if you have been charged with possessing THC concentrates. Contact Law Office of Stephanie Selloni and speak to a seasoned criminal defense attorney today.

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This article was last updated on August 30, 2018.