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Early Termination of Conditional Discharge 

If you are serving a sentence for conditional discharge and wish to terminate the sentence early, then contact an attorney at the Law Office of Stephanie Selloni. We represent clients throughout Long Island and Nassau County including the District Court of Nassau County and the city court of Long Beach and Glen Cove, New York. 

Garden City Early Termination of Conditional Discharge Lawyer

If you are seeking to have your conditional discharge terminated early, contact a criminal defense attorney at The Law Offices of Stephanie Selloni. Our office is located in Garden City, NY. We have experience representing clients like you throughout Nassau County and Long Island. Call today at 516-972-1212 to discuss your case.

Overview on Early Termination of Conditional Discharge

Conditional Discharge in Nassau County

Under N.Y. CPL. § 410.90, the court can terminate a sentence of conditional discharge early. The first step is filing a motion for early termination of conditional discharge. We have found that thorough preparation often leads to the best results. All favorable information about the probationer and the progress he or she has made since being sentenced should be included in the motion. The standard used by the court to grant the motions contained in § 410.90(b). The conditional discharge should be discharged when the court is of the opinion that: 

  • the defendant has diligently complied with the terms and conditions of the sentence of conditional discharge; and
  • termination of the sentence of conditional discharge is not adverse to protection of the public.

Many courts have an unwritten policy that early termination should not be granted until the probationer has completed at least one half of the term originally imposed. 

Do I have to Pay Restitution Before Being Granted Conditional Discharge?

The court will not terminate the term of probation or conditional discharge early if the restitution has not been paid when the probationer does so willfully and has the ability to pay. In fact, the period can be extended to make sure that all restitution is paid, even when the court permits payments in monthly installments.

Call us for a free evaluation of your case. We can help you decide the best strategy for asking the court for early termination of probation or conditional discharge in Nassau County in a felony or misdemeanor case. We represent clients throughout Nassau County and the surrounding areas. 

Finding an Attorney for Early Conditional Discharge in Nassau County

At the Law Offices of Stephanie Selloni, we understand the dedication and focus your case deserves. Having a Garden City defense attorney on your side who will work diligently is vital. Call us at 516-972-1212 to discuss the particular facts of your case. We represent clients in and around Nassau County, Suffolk County, and the surrounding areas of Long Island.